Years ago, sports marketing, at least at a regional and local level, consisted of a lot of ‘get-the-word-out’ public relations and some newspaper print ads. Those tried-and-true tactics used to work and can still work today, but the ever evolving, digitally connected, mobile world has changed the game of promoting sports events.

VIGOR knows that it takes more than just paid media. Social media outreach, as just one example, has become a game changer to promote events, stimulate ticket sales and earn media coverage from television news stations to sports bloggers to the fans themselves tweeting and posting during and after the action. Rather than turning the newspaper page, sports enthusiasts turn to the web and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter for event information. Instead of registering for an event in person or through snail mail, people go online to social channels to first listen to what other attendees/participants are posting and tweeting about the event before buying tickets and making plans to be there.

Sports marketing has been incredibly visual, too. Truly a picture (or video on YouTube) says a thousand words when someone posts a video or a photo of a great play or their team winning the game. With VIGOR you can count on us to take the field with creativity and technology to help tell your sports marketing stories.

VIGOR develops creative designs and strategic marketing recommendations that fundamentally address the way people wish to connect with the sporting event and associated brands.


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