At VIGOR Creations, our purpose is to plan and deliver a valuable experience for your attendees and a substantial return on investment for you. We help you achieve those results by minimizing your costs, maximizing your time, and getting the most mileageĀ for your event.

We focus on four areas that are essential to your success:

— Marketing & Sales Services that build brand awareness, communicate event value, and drive sales.

— Registration Services that cut equipment and manpower costs while integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) and providing an easy, fast, streamlined registration experience.

— Event Management Services that are designed for flexibility according to the scope of your needs and budget.

— Technology that maximizes resources, improves the experience of both speakers and attendees, and leads to future purchases.

Our expertise comes from years of experience handling strategy, marketing, exhibitor/sponsorship sales, registration, and design for a wide range of events for associations, corporations, government, and non-profit organizations.


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    VIGOR Creations Event Design

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    • Design
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    • HTML 5 & Mobile
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